Dogara wants Trump to maintain a cordial relationship with Nigeria

Yakubu Dogara, speaker of the house of representatives, says he hopes that Donald Trump, United States (US) president-elect, will maintain the cordial relationship that his country has with Nigeria.

In a statement on Wednesday, Dogara congratulated Trump on his victory, and described the US as a “priceless ally in Nigeria’s democratic journey”.

The speaker, who said the US was a model for values of freedom and integration, also desired that Trump’s quest to make America great again would be firmly premised on aforementioned values.

“The United States of America has been a priceless ally in Nigeria’s democratic journey, in issues concerning trade, governance and even security. This is something we cherish and we hope that the president-elect will maintain this cordial relationship,” Dogara said.

“The American democratic system has inspired governance in nations across the world, including our system here in Nigeria.

“Democracy safeguards choice and because of the way in which leaders are chosen, it is also expected to foster understanding. I therefore congratulate President-Elect Donald Trump for being able to secure the required votes and emerged victorious in a keenly contested election.

“The United States has remained a model for values such as freedom, inclusiveness and integration, and we also hope that  Mr. Trump’s quest to make America great again. Will be firmly premised on these values.”

Dogara also hailed Hillary Clinton over her concession call.

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