Carry out spiritual cleansing of White House before you move in – IPOB tells Trump

The Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, has advised the President elect of the United States of America, USA, Donald Trump to rededicate America back to God if he wants to succeed.


This was as the secessionist group claimed that the outgoing President, Barack Obama had deviated from American godly way.


IPOB, in a statement by its spokesperson, Emma Powerful also advised the US President-elect carry out spiritual cleansing of the White House before moving in after his swearing in on January 20. 2017.


The statement reads, “We are giving that as an advice to the US President elect Mr.Trump because it has become very necessary because of the romance of the current occupant of the American seat of power with the Islamisation agenda around the world.


“The incumbent President Obama chose to depart from the core values of America, a country founded on God to pursue the total islamisation agenda against the Christian communities and against the wish of Americans.


“We the Indigenous Peoples of Biafra want to advise American President-elect , Donald Trump to first bring powerful men of God to cleanse the White House before parking in if he wants to succeed and make sure his government brings back the face of God Almighty to America again.


“He should rededicate America to God Almighty if he truly wants to make America great again. Obama administration has defiled White House. God is unhappy with the US because Obama has forsaken the godly principles of the founding fathers of America who preached for the face of God Almighty in everything America does. Even America wrote: IN GOD WE TRUST in their currency and other important things in America. That is a sign to prove that America is a God’s own nation.


“We will not be surprised if he (Obama) may have dedicated White House to strange gods. This is why God rejected him and his candidate, Hillary Clinton because God wants to restore the lost glory of America.”


Trump, a Republican had emerged the 43rd President after a fiercely contested US Presidential election against all odds and predictions against him.

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