Boko Haram overrunning Chibok communities, leaders cry out

Weeks after they celebrated the release of 21 of their abducted daughters, the people of Chibok in Borno State say their communities are being overrun by suspected Boko Haram insurgents.

They said at least nine communities under Chibok local government area have been either attacked, sacked or burnt down by rampaging Boko Haram insurgents.

The federal government has said that talks are continuing with Boko Haram for the release of some 196 Chibok girls still in captivity.

But the recent upsurge of hostilities by Boko Haram within and around Borno State, has raised concerns about the prospect of such talks.

The chairman of Chibok local government area, Yaga Yarkawa, on Monday, told journalists in Maiduguri that the most attack on Chibok communities took place was in Thlaimaklama village.

He said hundreds of persons fled their homes as the insurgents torched houses, looted foodstuff and stole livestock.

“Chibok is now under Boko Haram siege,” he said.

“Contrary to claims by government and security operatives, Chibok is not safe. There has been series of renewed attacks on our communities. As I am talking to you now the villages of Kuburmbula, Tsilari, Kamdzilari, Kuburnvwu, Kautikari, Kwada, Buftari and Kakulmari have all been attacked, and burnt down completely in the past weeks.”

Most of the villages bordering Damboa and Sambia forest parts of the state.

He said the latest attack took place at the weekend in Thlaimaklama village where the insurgents carted away farm products in 15 vehicles, after setting ablaze three vehicles and several numbers of houses without any confrontation from the military.

He said the insurgents came at the peak of the harvest period, and loaded their vehicles with the fresh harvests from the villagers’ farms.

“I have no doubt that the insurgents are in control of Kuburmbula, Tsilari, Kamdzilari, Kuburnvwu, Kautikari, Kwada, Buftari, Klaima and Kakulmari villages,” he said.

Confirming the development in Chibok, a leader of the vigilante group in Chibok, Commander Aboku said, “The Boko Haram terrorists have been on the move destroying every community they enter”.

He added that the fluid nature of their movement makes it difficult for them to confront them.

Mr. Abogu however said that the vigilante were able to kill two of the insurgents and recovered two AK47 rifles and a Hilux vehicles mounted with anti-aircraft gun.

He called on the military to move into the area and collaborate with the local vigilante who have better understanding of the difficult terrain.

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