With 63 million users, Nigeria leads in internet usage in Africa.

Nigeria has been ranked number one in Africa and ninth in the world when it comes to internet usage.

This information is contained in the second edition of digitalfacts, a publication produced by digitXplus.

China has the highest number of unique internet users with 632 million subscribers while the U.S. is second with 269 million users.

India, Japan, Brazil, and Russia round up the top six with 198 million, 110 million, 105 million and 87 million users respectively.

Indonesia and Germany have 83 million and 68 million users respectively while Nigeria has a total of 63 million users.

The statistics date back to 2015 and according to digitXplus, Nigeria has been on an upward climb since 2011.

It stated that from 35.7 million, the figure increased to 42.8 million; 51.8m; 57.7m and 63.2m internet users in 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015 respectively.

“At digitXplus, we endeavor to bring information about the region to fore, we now present the second edition of Digital Facts Book with an objective to organize information on digital medium in West and Central Africa, thus making it easily accessible and useful to all”, said Patrick Gomes, chief executive officer, digitXplus.

Gomes also explained that most of the access to internet in the region is through mobile devices.

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