22% Of Rights Violations By Police – Survey

An opinion poll has found police actively violated the rights of people to dignity but more than a third of the violations were never reported.

In a survey by NOIpolls, 22% of respondents said their “right to dignity of human person” had been violated, followed by 21% who had their “right to freedom of movement” violated.

A combined 23% said their right to fair hearing and compensation for property compulsorily acquired was violated.

Police was responsible for a third of all violations, according to respondents.

Security officials other than police, government officials, employers and family were responsible for most other violations.

Three out of 10 respondents said “insurgents” violated their rights.

But nearly 8 in 10 of all respondents did not report the violations to anyone. Less than three percent report violations to police, lawyers, friends or community leaders.

Only 5% reported to the police.

Meanwhile, 77% of all respondents said they were aware of their human rights, citing freedom of movement, right to life, peaceful assembly and the press.

Credit: dailytrust

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