US expresses confidence in Nigeria’s fight against corruption.

United States Special Representative to Muslims communities, Shaarik Zafar, monday in Kano expressed optimism that the current fight against corruption in Nigeria would succeed.

Zafar spoke at news conference yesterday in Kano that he was in the state to offer opening remarks at an inaugural workshop on anti-corruption tool for religious leaders.

He said if corruption could be effectively tackled, the country would witness socio-economic growth and development.

“I am optimistic that if corruption can be tackled, the trend is positive for Nigeria based on the commitment.

According to him, the US government was committed toward assisting Nigeria in the current effort to fight corruption in the country.

“Nigeria’s success is America’s success, hence our decision to work with government, civil Society organisations and religious groups on areas to prevent corruption.”

The US envoy said the workshop would address how religious communities could work together to combat corruption, promote accountability, and encourage transparency.

According to him, the workshop was organised by his office under the US Department of State is aimed at educating Muslims leaders the dangers of the corruption.

“Like I said, I have a global mandate. So, I will encourage a continued focus by religious leaders on the critical challenge of combating corruption.

“This is not only because of their moral voice. Critically, religious leaders speak a common language with their communities.

“They also have incomparable access, unique networks and level of respect that can help in this common battle against corruption and to promote accountability.”

The envoy while in Abuja, is expected to meet with religious and community leaders and learn of their current challenges and opportunities.

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