Trump Has ‘Weird Fascination’ With Dictators- Clinton

US Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton has accused his Republican rival Donald Trump of having a “weird fascination with dictators.”

Speaking at a rally in Akron, Ohio, on Monday night, Clinton bashed Trump over his admiration for Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“He gets confused between leadership and dictatorship. He has a hard time remembering who our friends are and who are adversaries are. He has a weird fascination with dictators like Vladimir Putin,” she told her supporters.

Clinton said Trump “basically signs up for Putin’s wish list,” echoing the Democratic claim that, if elected, the New York businessman will bow to Moscow’s will.

“We have a lot of people living in this part of Ohio who, either themselves, their parents, or grandparents, came from countries that were under the yoke of oppression. And we are never going to let that happen again,” the former secretary of state said, while taking an indirect swipe at Russia.

Trump has long been accused by his opponents of, as The New York Times puts it, having a “crush” on Putin, an idea that gained more traction after he praised the Russian leader on several occasions during the primary race.

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