Teacher who slept with Pupil ‘Hundreds of Times’ Claims he Seduced Her

A teacher who has confessed to sleeping with a pupil “hundreds of times” claims he seduced her.

Mary Beth Haglin, 24, told Dr Phil in a new interview: “I am the victim.”

The brunette has admitted having sex with the 17-year-old almost every day for six months and sending him raunchy selfies.But Haglin, who took a job as a lap dancer in a strip club after being sacked from school, insisted: “The student is the one who seduced me.”

She claimed the teen swept her off her feet after coming on strong and wooing her with handwritten
notes and texts.Haglin said:

 “He did so with such intelligence and such an elevated vocabulary that I was completely duped by the whole facade. “He caught me in my weakest moments, and he used that to his advantage.“I did ignore a lot of that at first because obviously, I knew that it was illegal, not allowed, frowned upon – everything.”

 She decided to respond to one of the student’s messages after a big bust-up with her boyfriend and they started their physical relationship in October 2015, she said.

Haglin said she became vulnerable through a troubled relationship with her boyfriend.

Haglin told TV’s Dr. Phil:

“We had sex – almost daily – in his car, my car, his mom’s house, and his dad’s house.”
She said she tried to end the affair but claimed the pupil threatened to expose her if she tried to leave him.
She added:

“When things got way out of control, and I wanted out, he began saying ‘I will light a match and burn your life down.’”

Haglin said she was too scared to stop the relationship. But it ended after another student saw them together.
She was sacked as a substitute teacher at Washington High School, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and was arrested after turning herself in to police in July.
She is charged with one count of sexual exploitation of a minor and her trial is due to start in November.
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