Nothing is working in Nigeria, it will still break up – Uwazuruike

Leader of the Biafra Independent Movement (BIM), Chief Ralph Uwazuruike has stated that, the prophecy by the United States of America that Nigeria would split is still very much possible.

Speaking through his Director of Information, Mr. Chris Mocha, the BIM leader said resultant effect of the US army’s prediction included unabated insurgency in the North, herdsmen’s menace, militancy in Niger Delta, separatist agitations for Biafra Republic, the economic recession that had brought sufferings, poverty, looting spree and bribery and corruption by officials in government establishments.

“That nothing is working in Nigeria today has justified my Biafra struggle for independence.

“I cautioned Nigerian corrupt leaders who criticised the US army’s prediction of Nigeria’s possible breakup in 2015 as prophecy of doom, never to rejoice, insisting that the breakup of Nigeria into six republics is not yet over”, he said

Uwazuruike recalled that in an article written by Director of the African Security Research Project in Washington DC and Guest Columnist of All Africa Globe Media, Mr. Daniel Volman, the Nigerian scenario was predicated upon a possible war.

“The article observed that it was the first time African scenarios were included as part of Pentagon’s plan to create a new military command for Africa, the United States Africa Command (AFRICOM)”, he added.

It also emerged that “the free flow of natural resources from Africa to the global market was one of the guiding principles of AFRICOM, as articulated by Vice Admiral Robert Moeller at an AFRICOM conference held at Fort McNair on February 18, 2006.”

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