Jackie Christie of Basketball Wives LA Put on blast for Abandoning her Grandson Who only Needs $3k for Medical Needs

Jackie Christie of VH1 hit reality series Basketball Wives LA who is married to retired NBA player Doug Christie is known to live the extravagant life. She has 3 children. 2 with Doug; Chantel Christie, 23 and Douglas Jr. 15 and one from her previous relationship, 24 year old Takari Lee.
In the first season of the show, Takari and Jackie fought a lot and Takari accused her several times of favouring her other kids over her because they were light skinned and she was not. Jackie denied this accusation all the time but her other daughter, Chantel confirmed that her mum had said she didn’t like Takari because she was dark skinned.

That was the only Season Takari was featured in the show and Jackie didn’t talk about her in the following seasons, so I guess everyone forgot about her. Yesterday, Monday, blogger behind ig_beautys went digging and found some disturbing news about Takari and her 8 month old son. She posted the photo above. Read what she found out below:

You’re the SCUM of the earth! I was watching #Basketballwives last night thinking to myself “Wow! Jackie deserves this wedding I’m so happy for her.” Then I thought …But wait where is Jackies other daughter? Why isn’t she there? In fact why does Jackie never talk about her other daughter? After doing some research I found your other daughter and what I read was heartbreaking ?. Your daughter is a mother of two struggling. You parade around every week on #BBWL shopping at the best stores, eating at the finest restaurants and going around the world to the most beautiful places. Meanwhile your 8 month old grandson was badly burned and needs $3000 dollars to help cover medical bills. You’re worth over $10,000,000 dollars! No matter what the situation the one person in this world we should NEVER abandon are our children and grandchildren. You have issues with your daughter Kari because she isn’t #lightskin like your other children. Or is it because she has a different father? Or because she’s deaf in one ear? She’s said multiple times these are reasons you treat her differently and you’ve denied it but look at how you treat her! You left her struggling while you were out living a extravagant life! People like you disgust me and I’ll never support another thing you do! For you to have the heart to do that to your own flesh and blood, the one who YOU put on this earth is one of the most sickening things I’ve ever seen in my life! PS I’m gonna post your daughters #GoFund account in my bio and I hope her and your grandson are blessed beyond measure and get help since they can’t get it from your rich ass! ?@jackiechristie @basketballwiveslanews #jackiechristie #basketballwivesofla #shaunieoneal

These are photos of the Grandson.

Initially,found it hard to believe she treated Takai differently because of her skin color but these commenters who have been watching the show confirmed it.





How can you not like your own child because they are dark skinned?

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