Expect more arrests and trials – EFCC Boss

The war against corruption is heating up according to the chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), Mr Ibrahim Magu. On Tuesday, October 4, he asked Nigerians to expect more arrests and trials of corruption suspects and recovery of looted funds.
He also pointed out that the enforcement of laws against corruption alone could not win the war against corruption. Prevention of corruption he explained is an effective and necessary weapon that must be employed to support enforcement.
While speaking at “Unveiling of the EFCC Creative Youths Initiative against Corruption” in Abuja, he also said that the “EFCC Women Against Corruption initiative” would be launched in November by the Nigerian first lady, Hajiya Aisha Buhari.
During his speech, he said: “Ladies and gentlemen, as we know, the people most impacted by the mindless looting of our commonwealth, are women and children.
These are the most vulnerable in our society and must not only be protected, but armed with the necessary tools to fight a sustainable and winnable war against corruption.
“Our children must see that there is a future away from corruption and be encouraged to take that path of honour, moral rectitude and creative employment of their talents, which had been shunned by so many of our corrupt leaders.
“Let me clarify that EFCC will continue to vigorously enforce its mandate alongside engaging in preventive initiatives such as this.
“Therefore, even as we appeal to the old and the young to shun corruption and other forms of fraud, expect to see more investigation, more arrests, more trials, more convictions and more recovery of stolen assets.”
He then went on to assure the audience that EFCC will do its best to prevent corruption in the country, asking Nigerians to support the body to make the war against graft successful. “We are the first to recognize that enforcement alone cannot win the war against corruption.
“Prevention is an effective and necessary weapon that must be employed in conjunction with enforcement and there is no group of Nigerians better equipped to wield that weapon than the youths. “Let us bear in mind that the task to rid the nation of the corruption cankerworm cannot be left to EFCC and other anti-corruption agencies alone. “We are all stakeholders in the war and cannot let the future generations down; it is for their future that we must sacrifice our today.
“Let us work together for our dear nation; let us join hands to build for our children the future we desire,” he concluded. Meanwhile, the EFCC is set to commence the prosecution of about 100 staff of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) over an alleged bribery scandal totalling over N23.29 billion.

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