DSS did not infringe on the independence and sanctity of the judiciary.

The argument by some that the sting operations carried by the DSS on homes of senior Judges of the High Court and the Supreme Court last Friday which led to recovery of vast sums of money in various current denominations is an infraction on the independence and sanctity of the judicial branch of government is hogwash.


There is no infringement on the independence and sanctity of the judiciary in any manner whatsoever . Judges do not have immunity to do what they like. When a judge collects bribe to pervert the course of Justice is that not in itself an infraction of the independence of the judiciary and a threat to the sanctity of the judiciary? When a judge commits a crime  is both a professional misconduct and a crime.


In such a circumstances it is not more the business of the National Judicial Council to deal with it but also a matter for security agencies to handle. The DSS does not need more explanation more than what it had done. NJC has been protecting and covering senior judges!


We have evidence and this why we resort to such measures . Justice Tsamiya collected two hundred million as bribe  but NJC inexplicably only recommended his retirement. But another Judge in Kano who collected a bribe of N190 million was ordered to be arrested by the Police by NJC.


We heard mind-bogging stories in which judges collect humongous sums of money especially in political and election related cases to pervert the cause of Justice.  It is perverse logic and reasoning for any body to contend that independence of the judicial branch of government means that  the executive branch of government should close it eyes to the infractions of the law and Constitution by Judges.


Even in the United States of America, the supposed bastion and sanctuary of constitutional and liberal democracy the FBI ( equivalent of DSS) sometimes carry sting operations to arrest roguish judges! On 5th October 2015 the CBS/Ap reported the arrest of a federal Judge, Judge T. Camp by the FBI in a sting operation for  gun running and illegal drugs involvement with an Atlanta stripper.

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