“Panda” Hitmaker Desiigner Stars In Mini-Documentary “I Am Def Jam”

Desiigner wants to make a difference. The “Panda” hitmaker shares this hope in his new mini-documentary, “I Am Def Jam: Desiigner.”

“I can’t sell no drugs,” he explains in the three-minute clip. “I sell music. Music definitely saved me and took me out, man. Music definitely saved me. My community is rough out there. My job is to come back to my community and change it.”

In the video, Desiigner is joined by his mother and other family members while he explains their importance.

There’s plenty more things to change,” he adds. “Having this, these jewels, all this, it’s about nothing. It’s all about keeping your family strong, staying strong, and keeping focus.”

Recently, the “Tiimmy Turner” hitmaker was arrested after an alleged dispute on the road. Since then, he’s been released and some of the major charges have been dropped, including a felony gun charge and a felony possession of a controlled substance with intent to sell charge.

“I heard ni**as say we had to sell pills?” Desiigner later said on Instagram. “We don’t gotta do that shit no more, baby. We don’t do this no more, baby…Out here, man. Back in the city.”

Next up, Desiigner is readying his Halloween-themed short film, Zombiewalk, which he directed.

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