Model With Cartoon-Like Features Sends Instagram Into A Frenzy As Fans Debate Whether She’s Real Or Not

With her plump lips, huge eyes and doll-like demeanour, she looks as if she could have stepped straight out of a video game

So perhaps it’s no wonder the latest Insta-famous model Lil Miquela has sent her fanbase of more than 65,000 into a frenzy as they debate whether she’s a real person or not.

Miquela regularly treats her Instagram followers to pictures of her posing in off-duty model worthy athleisure, visiting nightclubs and art galleries.

Briiverson16 asked ‘what is this girl?’, while queen_mykah said she was ‘so and mikaylaad added: ‘Wait are you real?’A

Waadthb said she’d never been more confused in her life, adding: ‘I literally don’t understand.’

But so far, she has maintained a mysterious silence which has left some feeling frustrated.

Kay_da_baebae recently appealed to Miquela: ‘Can you answer the whole flippin’ world and tell them your a fake computer generated SIM?’

Commenting on a recent picture of a recent picture of Miquela, Janettie_ declared: ‘She’s not real. Her skin complexity doesn’t match the real features.

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