Biafra: IPOB warns against dragging members into fake splinter groups

The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) wednesday expressed concern over the resort by its detractors to link its top officials with the fake factions in order to create impressions that the imaginary splinter groups like RIPOB and REIPOB really exist.


IPOB pointed out in a statement signed by the Media and Publicity Secretary, Emma Powerful, that the name dropping was part of the “spirited antics of the oppressor to attempt to deceive the world about an imaginary split in our great, divinely ordained movement to deliver our people from slavery.”


Powerful, who said his name was even dragged into the phantom splinter groups stated that “my loyalty to the Mazi Nnamdi Kanu- led IPOB has never been in doubt,” insisting that dragging his name into the imaginary splinter groups would not serve any purpose for those behind the scam.


I do not know any Philip Effiong Osuji, he probably does not even exist. I remain completely loyal to the great mass movement of freedom, under the leadership of our divinely ordained prophet of our time, Mr. Nnamdi Kanu,” he said.


The people trying to use my name, Emma Powerful, to deceive the masses only underestimated our resolve and commitment. They also think that our people are stupid enough to believe their quite bizarre and unbelievable fairy tale.


The IPOB media and publicity secretary reiterated that “there is no such thing as splinter groups or factions within our great mass movement” adding that the so called factions are products of “outlandish propaganda mounted by the security agencies as a last resort because all other strategies including, but not limited to killing us in cold blood has failed to stop our march across the Red Sea.”


According to him, the Nigerian authorities “have failed and will continue to fail in (their) attempts to weaken or dampen our resolve as our march to total freedom is irrevocable and unstoppable”


He said that the resoluteness of IPOB members in pursuing their cause for Biafra self determination had made it a very hard nut for the security agencies to crack, assuring that the IPOB fold is close knit and could not be infiltrated.


The IPOB family is intact and marching on to glory. As we receive awards from left, right and centre, I plead with our brothers and sisters to remain resolute and totally ignore the saboteurs, their collaborators and Rochas plot to sow seeds of doubt in our minds,” he said.


He further added that the devices of the authorities cause divisions in IPOB “clearly shows that the peaceful and non-violent approach we are using has succeeded in throwing the enemy camp into disarray’.


As they stagger in utter confusion, I plead with our brethren to remain resolute as freedom is nearer now more than yesterday. I remain yours faithfully in the struggle,” Powerful said.

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