Woman Takes Engagement Photos With Her Job Offer (SEE PHOTOS)

A good man is hard to find, but a good job is truly a gem worth celebrating. So when Benita Abraham, 37, of Long Beach, California, got an offer from the job of her dreams in health-care administration, she commemorated the big life event the way most people do nowadays: by taking a series of romantic photos and then splashing them all over Facebook.

“I wanted to share the news in a fun way that reflected my personality. Hence, the photo shoot,” Benita told “My friends, Liju Mathew, Alyse DeCavallas and Mikey DeCavallas were laughing through the whole thing. But we were all so excited to share the pics to see what the response would be. We really had no idea how big this would get.”

The pictures went viral shortly after Benita posted them on her Facebook page, and now she’s been getting tons of messages from all types of women commending her on celebrating a life goal that includes a stable paycheck and a 401(k) instead of just an engagement ring.

“If my pictures have reminded just one person that it’s OK to be proud of any type of personal achievement, career or otherwise, then I consider this whole thing to be a success,” she said. “You don’t need anyone else’s acceptance but your own. You do you, boo!”

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