Signs Your Relationship Is Toxic & You Need To Leave Fast

  1. You have to ask permission.It’s nice to consider your partner’s thoughts and feelings when making decisions, but it shouldn’t be only one of you who can give the go ahead. You should have full freedom to do what you want.
  2. You’re emotionally drained constantly.If all your energy is being put toward arguing or trying to keep your SO satisfied, that’s a problem. A healthy relationship is happy and fulfilling.
  3. You can’t fully be yourself.You should never have to suppress certain parts of you to make your SO accept you. If they can’t love all of you, then they sure as hell don’t deserve you.
  4.   You’ll do whatever it takes to avoid fights

    You might think you’re helping your relationship by letting things go, but not addressing the issues as they appear will have consequences later. The fear of getting broken up with or getting into another argument isn’t reason enough to be passive.

  5. Your SO makes you feel bad about yourself.A little jab here and a condescending tone there are absolutely unacceptable. If your partner loves you as much as they claim they do, they would never put you down in any way.
  6. You fight often.Even the happiest of couples have their moments, but if it’s a daily war zone, how happy can you two really be? Don’t mistake fighting for passion.
  7. You dwell on the past instead of moving forward.Your relationship will be at a standstill if previous issues are constantly being resurfaced. You won’t be able to grow as a couple if you’re stuck in relationships past. It’s easy to bring up an already-resolved problem in the heat of the moment, but don’t let it become ammunition — or else your SO can use it to get their way.
  8. Your work life is being affected.Staying in contact with each other throughout the day can have its benefits, but to a certain extent. Constant check-ups are a sign of a distrust, and fighting via text disturbs productivity at work. Being unable to separate your personal life and professional life ruins your focus and mood.
  9. It’s clear your relationship is imbalanced.In a healthy relationship, no single person should have complete control or say. A partnership is just that — a partnership.
  10. You have to hide things from your partner.

    You know what will set them off, but you shouldn’t have to lie or sneak around to avoid upsetting them. Trust is the foundation of a successful relationship and you’re bound for bigger trouble if they find out you’ve been keeping things.

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