#SaveFUNAAB: Students Of FUNAAB Decry Undue Treatment By School Authority, Police.

Some four months ago, nefarious activities of armed robbers sky-rocketed in Abeokuta. The communities surrounding the Federal University of Agriculture were worst hit. Considering the student-dominated population of the residents, it is always a smooth operation that goes on unhindered despite the presence of a police post.

After series of efforts to seek the aid of the school authorities and also security agents attached to the community, the devastating response the students got was unfathomably shocking. The school authorities made it clear point blank to whoever cared to listen that they will not be responsible for the lives and properties of their students who stay off campus.


After this unfortunate and soul-wrenching response from the first point of call (School Authorities), the students moved on to appeal to the Police for protection against the dare-devil armed robbers which was also met with a dissapointing response which stated in clear terms that the affected community was not under their jurisdiction. So, if the two bodies saddled with the responsibilities of ensuring the safe day to day activities of students of FUNAAB and also indigenous residents can hands off them without empathy or any sense of responsibilities, who else do they turn to?

Since the students won’t wait to be attacked again, they decided to put their own safety in their hands. They constituted a vigilante association in conjunction with the community’s local vigilante group. After weeks of rotated vigilante activities between students and their host community members, the police joined in and gave support in ensuring people slept safely at night and somehow, things went on smoothly.

Weeks later, just when the students thought the nightmares were over, their darkest fears reemerged. This time, they came back reinforced. The sleepless nights were back again, the fear of darkness engulfed the whole vicinity as the armed robbers restarted their operations albeit with unreserved ruthlessness and impunity.

In what seemed like a last desperate and frustrated attempt at waking up the appropriate authorities to their responsibilities, the students embarked on a peaceful demonstrations outside the school compound.

Students of FUNAAB who had already written several letters to the Ogun State Police Commissioner, took to the streets to protest negligence on the part of the school authorities and Police.

In a sudden twist of events, the policemen who were on ground to forestall any outbreak of violence which may arise in the course of the peaceful protests decided to turn on the unarmed students. Live rounds and teargas canisters were shot sporadically to disperse the now angry students.

In the course of this unfolding event, a students was allegedly shot dead while several others were arrested and are presently in custody.

As soon as the news of the allegedly shot student got to other students, it became chaos as students marched out in annoyance and defiance to protest the death of their colleagues which resulted in the burning of public and private properties including cars. The Vice Chancellor’s church building was not spared as the angry mob vandalized the building.

So far, it has been a case of two warring factions with the students on one side and the school authorities on the other side. In the wake of the violent confrontation, one student was recorded dead while others are still in police custody. However, a few of those arrested have been bailed with as much as one hundred thousand Naira each while others who cannot afford the bail money are still in cells languishing.

Reports reaching Omojuwa.Com revealed that there has been a truce called by students to facilitate the release of their colleagues who are still being held in police custody.

We are tired and helpless, we want the government to come to our aid. We want this issue to be resolved so that out colleagues who have been locked up for  while now, can go home“, said a student whose friend was arrested.

Another student, who also pleaded anonymity, also stated that; “We got angry because the police that was supposed to protect us were the ones shooting at us to the point of killing our friend. It was even when the news broke that the students got more angry and that aggravated the already tense situation. However, we call on the government to resolve the issue at hand and also wake up to it’s responsibility of protecting lives and properties of both students and non-students in the society.”

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