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Sarumi Lukman Oluwapelumi: Heirs Of Harmony

Veraciously an heir is what every man wishes for before the journey to the land of no return, if gone family heritage, culture and history cease to exist.


Sustaining ancestral pedigree lingers on the heart of an elder without a heir. However in the quest of seeking divine
interference, recitations are offered solely for the good and upright offspring. A glorious heir, knowledgeable, pious and that which will be a blessing to humanity.


Elders taught us to be custodian of language yet the barren ones seems to have forgotten an important Yoruba axiom that says “He who begets and he who begets not will both be buried by a child


Before a sprinter passes the baton in a relay race, the receiver anticipate eagerly full of vigor, determined to surpass the previous bearer, we are born and lessons we have learnt,  are the heirs truly filled with the energy or are they lost by the glitz attached to being a youth? Death is inevitable, every man shall taste it so says the Religious Books (Al-Quran and The Holy Bible) verily the old shall go while the young shall grow.


Behold! The heirs of harmony yet to be old, we are a beacon light of hope to the millions of unborn heirs, asingle broomstick is never enough to clean off dirt but 100 broomsticks bonded together can deliver justice to dirt. North, South and Central. We are each other’s harvest; we are each other’s business; we are each other’s magnitude and bond.


Together we can reject political division formulated by the old, together we should be progressive heirs, zonal sentiments, tribal sentiments, religion sentiments and “omo wa ni” philosophy should never be our watchword. It will only be good here when the heirs are united not divided, it will only be good here when we take into consideration the efforts of the progressive minded heirs who are powered by their zeal to change the status-quo of the old foxes.


If we fail to be united our lunch will be passed to the cat, our voice, dialogue and struggle will yield and fetch no result. To all the heirs of harmony the future is bright and fertile, the starting point to the ‘tomorrow future’ is now and it lies greatly in our hands if only we do not get infected by the division theory of the policy makers. Truly the older generations failed by giving it for the soup and cash.


Once bitten twice shy! They own heirs who have never been part of us, their sight are far away from our plights yet they rule us. Heirs of harmony the next time you see one of you working towards the growth of the harmony state never render their efforts useless! do not sabotage their struggle for the wads of Naira, just as lovers of football derive joy from seeing their team win, the game they enjoy best is seeing us fight and divided, they own a masters degree in formulating religious and ethnic theories.


Southern propaganda is false, “Omo wa” won’t make us grow, No to seclusion.  The state of harmony belongs to
all, victory is certain if youths unite!


About the writer.

Sarumi Lukman Oluwapelumi is a 400 level student of political science at the university of Ilorin. He can be reached via He tweets via @sir_rumz

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