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Omojuwa, Arese, Alibaba Unveiled As Rémy Martin Brand Influencers #OneLifeLiveThem

Japheth Omojuwa, Arese Ugwu and Ali Baba last week were unveiled as the new influencers for the Rémy Martin #OneLifeLiveThem campaign.

The campaign tagline, One Life/Live Them®, which assumes its grammatical error, identifies that today’s consumers are not defined by one talent or skill, but are multi-faceted and should be applauded for their many passions.

Rémy Martin’s One Life/Live Them campaign encourages consumers to explore and celebrate all their talents. It is a call to live richer, larger lives, to expand the horizon and seize all the wonderful opportunities that life can offer, beyond the one-dimensional paths that former generations could have embraced.

RM Artwork_Curved.cdrArese Ugwu 2RM Artwork_Curved.cdrJapheth Omojuwa 2RM Artwork_Curved.cdrAli Baba 2

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