#NigeriaImmigration2000: “Reinstate Us”, Expelled Recruits Cry Out For Help.

Months after application, selection, and training of new immigration recruits, 2000 of them are still in a confused state in regards to their position in an ongoing recruitment crisis.


Documents obtained by correspondent revealed that 2000 of these new recruits are being dispersed by the Ministry of Interior on the basis of illegality. It is quite worrisome that the same ministry that facilitated the training of the new recruits in a swift and surprising move turned around to rule them illegal.


While majority of the affected recruits have taken to social media to show their grievances, the ministry reiterates its position by not making any move to address the situation.


Despite calling the new recruits illegal, exclusive documents obtained by clearly shows that they all underwent a proper screening/training exercise carried out by the immigration service under the ministry of interior. This present situation poses a huge question which no one is answering; “Where does the illegality come in?”


A dangerous trend is being set and of course will have it’s own negative effects.


Months back, there was a secret recruitment scandal that rocked the Central Bank of Nigeria, Federal Inland Revenue Services and Nigerian National Petroleum Company. These antecedents is fueling a suspicion that this latest development is as a result of a new recruitment racketeering plan as the ministry is yet to give a tenable reason for the laying off.


The hashtag #NigeriaImmigration2000 is already trending on Social Media Platforms demanding not only explanations to the ill-advised decision of the ministry of interior but also a reinstatement of the sent off recruits.


If truly the immigration service needs 25, 000 recruits to effective man our borders, this fact begs the question; “why then are we laying off 2000 recruits especially when they have gone through examinations and training?


The demand is clear cut and simple; FG should reverse the decision to disperse these 2000 trained immigration recruits. In a country that has a high population of unemployed youths, such decisions will have not just destructive but catastrophic effects on the nation.

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