Niger Delta Avengers Issue Fresh Secession Threat

The Militant group, Niger Delta Avengers have again threatened to secede and create a Niger Delta republic from Nigeria, if calls for the restructuring of the federation go unheeded by the Federal Government. 

They made this fresh threat in a statement by their spokesman, Mudoch Agbinibo, and the Avengers suggested an October 1 ultimatum.


The rationale for this threat is due to what they call an alleged division of the country by the administrations ‘misdirected policies’.


According to the statement, Nigeria as a nation is completely unattractive to the point that nobody, not even the Niger Delta people, wish to continue to be part of the system.


“Our prayer for Buhari and the Northern hypocrite (Northern Governors) is that oil should be found in commercial quantity in the North, so they can let the Niger Delta go.


“The Buhari Led government has fail Nigerians with their misdirected policies that has divide the country, as such nobody wants to be part of that failed state not even the Niger Delta.


The October 1st, declaration of independence is still sacrosanct. If the Nigeria government fails to retrace its step by restructuring this country.We want to warn the general public that those using NDA to defraud people days of reckoning is close,” the statement said.

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