Mark Clattenburg Gets Tattoos in Memory Of Refereeing Champions League And Euro 2016 Finals

Mark Clattenburg has had the Champions League and Euro 2016 logos tattooed on his arm in memory of refereeing the finals of both competitions this year.

The English referee will be enjoying his summer after getting to officiate in two of football’s biggest matches.

He was awarded Real Madrid against Atletico in the San Siro in May as reward for consistently strong showings in England and in Europe.

Then he was given the final of the European Championships in France, taking charge of the hosts against Portugal in a match which passed without incident.

Clattenburg obviously realises just how big an achievement it is to get both of these games in the same year.

And he plans on remembering a stellar season with the help of these two tattoos.

Mick Mahon Tattoo in Benalmadena, Spain was paid a visit by the English whistler recently and the shop’s owner was quick to share pictures of the tattoos on Facebook:

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Some might make fun of Clattenburg for his tattoos, but we know we’d be doing similar if we’d just reached the pinnacle of refereeing in football.

We’re also looking forward to seeing these on Clattenburg’s arm at points throughout the coming English season.

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