Japanese Surgeon, Dr. Takasu Angry With Nigerian Officials Over His Donation

Japanese surgeon, Dr Katsuya Takasu is unhappy with Nigerian sports officials over their recent “grumblings” about the $390,000 donations he made to the Nigeria U-23 Men’s football team, Dream Team V1 at the just concluded Rio 2016 Olympic Games in Brazil.


The Japanese flew to Brazil to hand over the $390,000 cheques to Siasia and Mikel John Obi (Coach and captain of the team) after winning the soccer bronze of the Rio 2016 Olympics. But immediately after the donation, top Nigerian sports officials have called for investigations to the source of the money.


With the development, the Japanese surgeon revealed his displeasure with Nigerian officials especially the sports minister, Solomon Dalung; telling him to conduct an investigation on his foundation by checking the source of the money. “We support women and young people who keep on trying without giving up. I will recommend plastic surgeon of my competition to wear Red Beret,” he stated in a series of tweets.

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