#HelpSeun: Stranded In India After Successful Kidney Transplant, Seun Adeyemi Needs Your Help

On Wednesday, 16 March, 2016, the Punch Newspaper published the story of Mr Peter Seun Adeyemi asking well-meaning Nigerians for financial assistance to undergo a surgery abroad. Mr Peter Seun Adeyemi is a 38-year-old Applied Chemical Scientist married with two lovely kids.

In September 2014, Seun felt there was a need for him to go for a medical check-up at Gbagada General Hospital, Lagos, Nigeria not knowing this would mark the beginning of another phase in his life, at the hospital he was diagnosed of Chronic Renal Failure (popularly known as Kidney Failure) where he was immediately prescribed necessary medications.

Sadly, in July 2015, the General Hospital at Gbagada, Lagos, Nigeria later confirmed that his condition had deteriorated and the only way to save his life was through a kidney transplant (i.e. a surgery to change his kidney) as the two kidneys were completely damaged.

Due to his critical and terminal condition, he was required to fly to India for treatment, unfortunately, his family could not raise the funds needed for the treatment and the trip, therefore, pending the time they would source for the money and donor and secure the Visa to travel to India, he began dialysis at Dialyzer Specialist Hospital, Arowojobe, Lagos, Nigeria. His family had to pay (millions of naira) through their nose for the dialysis which ran for three sessions per week (Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday) and lasted till 15, February, 2016.

Unable to find a donor, Seun’s kind and generous 69-year-old father decided to donate his kidney in order to save his son’s life. With the support of family, friends and well-meaning Nigerians and organizations (including The Punch Newspaper), out of the USD28,000 needed for the entire trip to India for treatment, USD18,000 was raised and immediately deposited at the hospital. This catered for preliminary investigations, screenings and operations.

After the initial operation (which lasted for two days), Seun and the kind father developed complications. The father had to receive further treatment, and for a longer period, before he could be stabilized while Seun had to undergo new rounds of surgery. Fortunately, after the numerous surgeries, their conditions stabilized and they have been recuperating ever since. The father returned lately to Nigeria leaving Seun with his younger brother, Segun Adeyemi, who also serves as the Chaperon in India.

The new surgeries conducted led to extra charge by the hospital and in addition to the initial USD10,000 owed at the hospital, an extra USD21,000 has been incurred which brings the total amount of debt owed to the hospital to ?2,073,397 rupees (USD31,000 / N10,000,000) as at 8 August 2016. Due to their financial inability to make the outstanding payment, they have been unable to fly back to Nigeria, as a matter of fact, their visas have expired and have been quizzed by the Police, but the hospital will not discharge them until they offset all medical bills.

Sadly, the longer they stay there, the higher the bill accrues and it is for this reason that they are appealing to well-meaning Nigerians to support them financially in making the outstanding payment needed at the hospital so they can return to Nigeria and Seun can continue a peaceful recovery process.

Segun Adeyemi, who is currently with Seun in India, can be reached on +918268696181

Thank you as you express your generosity and we pray that God will bless you richly and you will not have any cause to experience this kind of dilemma in life.
Below are the bank details of Mr Seun Adeyemi


Bank: FirstBank Plc

Acct No: 2011052296

Also, find below the details of the hospital where they have been admitted for verification purposes

Global Hospitals, Dr Borges road, Parel, Mumbai, India

Mobil: +917506403832
Email: international.mumbai@







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