Dubai Ruler Makes Surprise Visit To Government Offices – And Finds Nobody At Work

This is the awkward moment the ruler of Dubai walks into civil service offices for an unannounced spot check – and finds nobody doing any work. 

Sheik Mohammed visited several government departments on Sunday morning – a normal working day in United Arab Emirates – and found several unoccupied desks that should have been populated by senior officers.

Video taken by Khalifa Saeed and tweeted by the government’s media office show the Sheik walking alone through a luxurious corner office with only a portrait of himself on the wall for company. 

Youtube/khaleejtimesSheikh Mohammed
Sheikh Mohammed walks through an empty office

With no one to talk to, he nonchalantly picks up a book and begins flicking through it.

The message said: “Mohammed Bin Rashid on a field inspection tour in Dubai this morning.”

As a result of the surprise inspection, nine high-powered officials have been ordered to retire by the strict leader.

They include Abdul Qader Al Jasmi, director of legal affairs, deputy director general Eisa Al Maidoor and Mohammad Abdul Karim Julfar, assistant Director General for corporate support.

The Sheik began his visit at 7.30am, something he is known to do from time to time – making the employees’ tardiness all the more damning.

Youtube/khaleejtimesSheikh Mohammed
Sheikh Mohammed awkwardly reading a book

According to Gulf News, the Sheik thanked the new retirees for their efforts, and that the decision “reflects Shaikh Mohammad’s keenness to allow a new generation of young leaders to shoulder the responsibility of development in the next period”.

But Mona Al Merri, director-general of Dubai media office, told Bloomberg:“He certainly wanted to send a message.

“Timeliness starts at the top and we won’t go after employees when their bosses aren’t there.’’

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