Anti-Corruption War: Don’t Bow To Pressure – Ajibola Tells Buhari

Former Attorney-General of the Federation and Minister of Justice, Prince Bola Ajibola, SAN, yesterday advised President Muhammadu Buhari not to succumb to the pressure to relax his anti-corruption war.


According to him, Nigeria will not make progress, if corruption is not taken to the cleaners.


Ajibola, who gave the advice in an interview in his Abeokuta home, recalled telling the President after his inauguration that corruption would fight back, but pleaded with him not to give in to pressures.


The retired Judge of the International Court of Justice wondered what manner of people Nigerians were if the same people that voted Buhari to solve their problems of corruption were so early getting tired when the work had only just begun.


He said: “Fighting corruption is vital and it is going to come with many provocations and open show of ungratefulness by the same Nigerians you are working hard to save but you stand firm and not be deterred. That is the way to go.


‘’When I served as Attorney-General of the Federation for over six years, I did not take salaries, asking them to use my salaries as part of the fund to run the nation’s affairs.

‘’Despite all that, when I was nominated for election into the International Court of Justice, eminent Nigerians, lawyers of note (names withheld) travelled all the way from Nigeria to campaign against me that I should not be voted into the ICJ.


“That is where I would like to advise President Buhari not to be deterred by seeming lack of appreciation of the good work he is doing and various acts of sabotage and pressures of corrupt people that caused the suffering of Nigerians currently.


‘’The success of the whole struggle is in his not succumbing and in his firmness. The people that are doing these to the government, who will always come out to criticize as if there is nothing good that the government has done or is doing, should not be the reason to allow the other 170 million helpless Nigerians to suffer.”


He is capable and I pray that Almighty Allah will continue to strengthen him to succeed.’’

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