Advice From A Wedding Planner: Think Well Before Hiring Family And Friends

It’s okay to patronise a business  owned by a family member or friend. When it comes to a wedding a lot of them give you their services at little or no cost which is a good thing. What you should have in mind is “can someone who is emotionally invested in your wedding judge professionally”?

Sometimes it doesn’t work out the way you want it then you become restrained from expressing your thoughts. I once planned a party for a client who said her cousin was going to handle finger foods. So I got talking with her on the phone and she seemed nice. I scheduled for a meeting for all my vendors but she couldn’t make it and didn’t even send representative but I  still called and updated her.

On the day of then event she was the last vendor to set up, came an hour after the event had started, most of guests had started eating and didn’t want finger food anymore. My client didn’t say a word to her but I could tell she regretted using her for that event. Some of us find it hard expressing our dissatisfaction from a vendor we don’t really know ,talkless of a family member or friend.

If you must use them, make it clear exactly what you want and how you want, put aside the fact that you know them personally and be very outspoken about the results you expect. That way if anything happens they won’t start sulking and you won’t feel guilty .

Contribution: Queen Ohamara

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