90-Year Old Killed By Alligator After Disappearing From Nursing Home

A 90-year-old woman who went missing from a nursing home is thought to have been killed by an alligator.

Bonnie Walker was found dead in a pond after what is thought to be the first fatal ‘ gator attack in South Carolina. Detectives believe the pensioner slipped of fell into the pond, where she was attacked by the ferocious creature.


Robert McCullough, from the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources, said: “It’s the first one as far as we’ve been keeping records.” Her remains were found in the water behind the home
where she lived.

The nonagenarian went missing from the facility on Wednesday and was found dead several hours later. An autopsy found the cause of death to be multiple sharp and blunt force trauma injuries.

The alligator has now been removed from the pond but the Woman’s disappearance from the home is still a mystery.

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