Richard Tayo: Dino Maleye And Smart Adeyemi The True Difference Between Six And Half A Dozen

Finding the difference between Senator Smart Adeyemi and Senator Dino Melaye is tantamount to finding the difference between six and half a dozen. I mean how can Senator Smart’s monkey moves it’s head that Senator Dino’s baboon cannot?
Since both baboon and monkey are primates the interest to talk about them never dies. More importantly, it is very easy for a person to get confused when these primates are concerned. Separate characterization would provide a strong platform to make a fair and reliable comparison between baboon and money but in brief, baboons are also monkeys.

Haven said that, Dino Melaye who should have been chairman Senate committee on Automobiles and chieftancy titles and Smart Adeyemi who should have been chairman Senate committee on Hotels and hospitality are not too far apart when it comes down to comparison. They are essentially equivalent. In my opinion, we must have ideals and principles and try to live up to them, even if we don’t quite succeed. Life would be a sorry business without them. Failure comes only when we forget our ideals and objectives and principles.

These two senators lack ideals and principles just like most politicians. Let’s take a look at the highlights; They are both from the same local government area, they were once members of the PDP but now members of APC, Smart was once chairman Senate committee on FCT a position Dino is currently saddled with, they are both arrogant and cocky, they are both sycophants, they are both users of men and political party. Both Smart and Dino are selfish and are only interested in personal aggrandizement to the detriment of the people of Kogi West. While Dino is merely interested in buying any toy inform of cars and amassing chieftancy titles, Smart is purely interested in hotel business.

I wonder when these two will write their names in the hearts of the people of their constituents via viable, verifiable and not phantom constituency projects. Whenever I see Dino’s vehicles and the customized number plates bearing his name I feel disgusted and nauseated. I’m forced to ask, what has he done as a constituency project? A couple of months ago, the senator representing Kaduna Central Senator Shehu Sani  donated books worth the sum of $30,000 to the National Library and to medical students from his state. A couple of days ago he inaugurated the distribution of 60 units of electricity transformers and 250 solar panels to over 100 communities in his senatorial district in Kaduna State. What has Dino done? And what did Smart do during his tenure?

Senator Smart Adeyemi’s tenure was a classic example of irresponsible representation in the upper chamber a line Senator Dino Melaye is presently towing. Smart’s tenure was a total letdown that will always be cited whenever clear misrepresentation in the upper chamber is mentioned. This betrayal of kogi west is clearly espoused by Senator Dino Melaye. In Iyara Smart Adeyemi’s home town he kept boasting of 100 locked up shops he built and I asked which of the Iyara is he talking about and where did he build the said shops?

These two are sycophants as they have both demonstrated countless times. Whereas Smart was busy sucking up to former President Goodluck Jonathan raining encomiums on him in a way that is second to Dr. Doyin Okupe, Dino is busy sucking up to the Senate President Dr. Bukola Saraki. Dino had to body guard the SP’s wife Toyin Saraki to the office of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC). The most recent of his sycophancy was his display of his readiness to die for the Senate President. But come to think of it, is Senator Dino Melaye not the Executive Secretary Anti corruption Network and a Private Investigator? Rather than Dino’s display of hypocrisy which of course is second to that of Senator Ben Murray Bruce by telling us he is an Anti corruption crusader at least his Twitter bio still says so. But as a Private Investigator, he owe his ‘friend and brother’ Senator Bukola Saraki a thorough investigation since he, Saraki, has constantly denied EFCC’s allegations against him. Dino as a Private Investigator should help the Senate President in collaboration with the retinue of lawyers come up with facts to show his support as well as help proof the Senate President’s innocence rather than a childish and watery display of support on Facebook.

Both Smart and Dino have obtained PhD in ranting and eye services. The PhD in ranting they both obtained is not Honoris Causa. They both earned it. One is a renowned journalist who is trained to talk while the other is a talker by birth. Days ago Dino took to Twitter boasting of the numbers of bills he has presented and motions he has moved and I asked; does the motions include his ‘made in Nigeria women’ he advised us to patronise? Can you imagine him boasting of doing what he was actually elected to do? Boasting about what he is actually paid all manner of allowances to do? A calm sea does not make a skilled sailor someone should tell this childish senator. The eye service that follows these two men’s ranting is always geared towards attracting the media’s attention to every tacky and phantom constituency project.

I couldn’t just stop laughing when Sahara Reporters published phone numbers of all 109 senators so their constituents can at least have access to them. Na today? Abeg leave matter. This is why I called both Smart and Dino users of men! This dudes are only interested in been addressed as Senator of the Federal Republic no matter whose shoulder they have to climb on to realize their dreams. Hitherto they became senators yes! Just like Smart, Dino never responds to calls or WhatsApp messages since he became senator so all these #OccupyPhoneLines does not work with my Senator.

These are the two heavy mistakes that have easily befell us in Kogi West senatorial district. My question is what is the difference between this six and half a dozen? Yet if Dino or Smart arrive our neighborhood in motorcade today, my people will role out drums to welcome the two mediocres with cultural display and outdo one another in seeking photo ops with them. The only upshot they get for their negligence and misrepresentation of our senatorial district is our youths adulation.

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