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Lagos State Govt Transfers Chief Magistrate For Granting Bail To Lekki Gardens Boss

The trial of the MD/CEO of Lekki Garden, Richard Nyong, by the Lagos State government for the collapse of an uncompleted building at one of the company’s constructions sites some weeks ago took a bizarre turn today when the Magistrate handling the case, Mrs. Folashade Batoku, was transferred under strange and suspicious circumstances.


Mrs. Folashade Botoku, the Chief Magistrate in Ebutte Metta High Court has been transferred in an act of unfairness by the prosecutors of Lagos State Government who are apparently not happy because she acted in the line with the provisions of the Administration of Criminal Justice Law of Lagos State 2011 by granting bail to the M.D of Lekki Gardens (Mr. Richard Nyong). After the 1st Hearing held on March 11th, 2016, he was remanded in police custody with no charges preferred against him.


The 2nd hearing on the case was slated to hold today April 12th, 2016 wherein the Police Prosecutors in line with their investigations were supposed to bring formal charges against Mr. Richard Nyong. Strangely, the court didn’t sit, and everyone was informed by the Registrar that the court won’t be sitting because the Chief Magistrate has just been posted out of that particular court and cannot continue with proceedings.


It is important to state clearly that as at date, the Police and the Director of Public Prosecution Lagos State Ministry of Justice are yet bring any formal charges against Mr. Richard Nyong who according to the bail requirement has been reporting to state CID Panti every day since he was granted bail 3 weeks ago. Richard’s international travel documents were submitted to the court in line with the conditions for bail, so he poses no flight risk and has met all the other bail conditions given to him as a law abiding citizen. The case has been adjourned to June 30th, 2016.

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