ASUU Blasts Buhari’s Govt For ‘Unfulfilled Electoral Promises’

The Academic Staff Union of Universities, ASUU, on Monday accused the Nigerian government of dashing the hopes of the people after promising them “change”.

The president of ASUU, Nasir Isa, made the union’s position known while presenting a “State of the Nation Address” to journalists in Abuja.

The union called on Nigerians to rise up and reclaim the country from an inept ruling class and their foreign collaborators, saying the tools to confront the system are both structural and instrumental.

The union also advocated the establishment of a genuine party which is organised to meet the challenges of building a nation where groups and individuals live in freedom and happiness.

“Structurally, there is need to adopt a development model that will make majority of Nigerians the key subjects and objects of the development process in the face of aggressive intervention from a genuine worker’s party, organised to meet the challenges of forging Nigeria where nations and individuals live in freedom and happiness,” ASUU stated.

The union said the nation was facing a serious socioeconomic crisis and listed the symptoms of the crisis as rising poverty level, increasing unemployment and heightened expectation leading to frustration due to failure to realise improved living standard.

Other symptoms the union listed are higher food prices, poor healthcare delivery, insecurity of life and property and suffering.

Despite drastic fall in the price of crude oil, ASUU said Nigeria has enough revenue sources to lift its people out of poverty and develop the nation’s economy.

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