I Caught My Wife With Her Boyfriend In My House, Man Tells Court

A middle-aged man, Dare Falana, on Tuesday told an Igando Customary Court that he caught his wife, Ganiyat, eating “Tantalizer’’ take-away with her boyfriend in his living room.

Dare had urged the court to dissolve his marriage blessed with three children because of his wife’s infidelity, sex starvation and frequent fighting.

“Usually I come home late at night, but on this faithful day I decided to come home early, only for me to meet her with her boyfriend eating Tantalizers in our home.

“I was too shocked to say anything; I left them there and went out but by the time I came back the man had left.

“There was a time I went to Abuja before I came back she got into a fight and was arrested. I spent the N40, 000 I brought from Abuja on that case.’’

He told the court that “my wife starves me of sex whenever I demanded for it.

“I have to beg my wife for sex as if she is still my girlfriend. She plays all sorts of unimaginable pranks to escape having sex with me.

“She only comes to me for sex when she feels like and not the other way round.

“When I complaint to her sister, she told her that he have a disease that’s why she stopped having sex with me.

“I’m feed up, I can’t continue this way,’’ he said.

The respondent denied allegations of infidelity, but admitted that she usually starve her husband of sex.

“He married me a virgin, how can I be so bold and bring my supposed boyfriend to my husband’s house, the supposed boyfriend is my distance relative.

“I called my distant cousin, and told him I was hungry and that my children don’t have food to eat when they return from school.

“I specifically told him to get food for me and my children from the eatery.

“My husband’s ways are questionable, he acts and talks desperately about making money at all cost.

“He keeps comparing me to his friend’s wife.

“My husband told me that his friend’s wife is an ogbanje (witch) and she uses that to bring goodluck to her husband, that I should be doing same for him, which I refused.

“He beats me up, but in spite of this I still love my husband,’’ Ganiyat said.

The court President, Adegboyega Omilola, ordered the couple to attend an Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) on March 17.

He adjourned the case till March 29 for hearing.

Credit: Guardian

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