Man Arrested For Murdering His Baby Mama & Their 2 Year Old Daughter Over Child Support Payments

25 year old Daron Boswell-Johnson, has been arrested for allegedly murdering his baby mama, 26 year old NeShante Davis (pictured left) and their 2 year old daughter, Chloe Davis-Green, (pictured right). According to police reports, Daron lied-in-wait for the mother and child outside their home in Maryland, USA on Tuesday morning Feb. 2nd and as they came out around 7am, he shot both of them multiple times, killing them. He then fled the scene. He was caught the next day!

According to News4, the alleged killer was angry over $600 in monthly child support he had been
ordered to pay. He had initially refused to pay it, asking for a DNA. He was confirmed to be Chloe’s father in December 2015 through a DNA test conducted as part of a paternity suit.

The killer and his ex had had many confrontations over the child and child support payments but nobody suspected he would go this far!

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