Footballer Shows Referee Red Card Seconds After Team Mate Was Red-Carded

The kinda things that happen in the world of football. Trabzonspor player Salih Dursin was furious after a referee in a Turkish league match gave the marching orders to his teammate Luis Cavanda. Dursin picked up the referees card after it fell on the floor and shoved it in the referee’s face. The Referee, angry with such bizarre show of disrespect by the player, gave Dursin his own red card leaving his team with only 8 outfield players.

Violence and player disobedience to referees and racism is on the rise in Turkish football. In October 2015, Trabzonspor club president Ibrahim Haciosmanoglu locked four officials in their stadium following a draw with Gaziantepspor. Turkish president Recep Tayyip was forced to later intervene and the referees were released after four hours.

Watch video below…

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