Tobi Tosin Olaboyede: Anti Corruption War And The Rule Of Law

Whereas, the most expectations on Buhari administration has being hardihood to counter corruption becoming rooted in the pith of Nigeria politicians and the large.

Over the years, notably the GEJ’s administrative interval, anti corruption war could be noted as drifting to the brink, so much to devastate Nigerian’s supposed treasure as well as the country’s future. Wealths were stupendously accrued via the oil sector which had experienced a boom over the period, of which reality had being a sharp contrast in the lives of average Nigerians. It could be figured beyond the shadow of doubt, that the self-inflicted defeat of the GEJ’s administration is its negligence to fight corruption, coupled freedom given to political executions (by those corresponding officeholders). While capital budget were being apportioned to sectors without implementation’ follow-up, Federal transactions were equally left unaccountable and or/ inscrutable. However, down to having being left in the patch of reckless abandon and copious impunity, in a developing Nation of a supposedly diligent superintendency.

Whereas, Nigerians and the large would linger on the Nation’s quandaries, but furthermore, doubt the country’s status as Africa largest economy. Infrastructures were sloping downward, of course, while crumbling sectors could not be expertly managed. Amenities were being left to regress… in which its thirsty countrymen were literally wallowing in the dark. Youth unemployment, Boko Haram insurgency among others had being daily articles about Nigeria and per the lives of Nigerians. No thanks to the exploit of base administrative ruling; jagged policy by incompetent makers, and especially corruption.

This, citizens prudently but necessarily, during the last poll, decided a choice / opportunity to tackle the blighted root which had been stunting the (country) growth: corruption. Buhari was found the right man at that particular time, owing to that experience of his, reputation and or/ track record, to re-lay an incorruptible example and bring sanity to leadership’ orientation stroke citizen’s values.

His anti-corruption physiognomy has stirred the kaput anti graft agency into initial momentum. The Financial Crime Commission (EFCC) has been in the news once again, from treads of its sweep on those economy looters (of notably the just-last regime). The PMB would equally recede shields from current co-administrators, from the prying eagle-eye of the anti crime agencies. Just perhaps, era of impunity could be over.

Whereas, Democratic ruling would be bound-bearing on those polity of the administration, including its fight against corruption. This ruling has been used to stir leaders into confiding order per their various discharges, and rightly, this equally is necessary to bring structure and ethics to country sector’s operations, citizen’s right protection among other (by those leaders). However too, this would be, as it’s being exploited by those advocate of corruption and impunity, to loot as many and run away with their crime on especially economy.

My opinion in this note is ambiguous, and can not assert an end to the analogy of fight against corruption and that defense it faces from the rule of law.

Over the months of Buhari’s new job, corrupt (former) political office holders had been landing in EFCC’s net, while the one(s) who poses threat to State’ security or unity, are being bursted by Security Service (SSS). Varying legal theorem have been trailing these actions which have been attracting disdainful scrutiny on the prime mover.

These suspects, as so they claim, would solicit legal process, perhaps impunity’ cover, in which a certain ruling of the constitution will somewhat protect. Pundits and some member of the public would justify these legal stances and challenge the Aso Rock’ authority for breach of such. While also, the Human right observer and or/ activists would equally follow the suit.

The rather controverting opinions which had trailed the much talked-about dasukigate and nnamdi kanu’ case and more, underlie how Democratic ruling (and or the so-called rule of law) could frustrate the PMB’ battle on corruption and indiscipline. Yea, legal support for a former Defense Chief (and his co-beneficiaries) who were guilty of gross crime against security &/ economy, is one of those factors that could distress any anti corruption fight. While also, human right solicitation for anyone who stimulates a cracking war (on Nigeria) could be equal to condoning a certain level of indiscipline (in the land). A generally opinionated political play against a leading lawmaker, aside protracting of CCT’s final judgement is ignoramus, but frustration to any counter graft intent of Buhari. The counter citation of law against the presidency by a militant political activist is a threat to Nigeria’ security, against ransom-asking kidnappers as well as oil-pipe vandals.

Perhaps, for a debuting statement to be categorically stated against corruption and or/ indiscipline, (more than) couple of executive politicians must be tried and indicted (in the land) for a start. It is unambiguous that parties to the former administrator are some guilty kleptomaniacs, but failure of the current Nigeria Nation to brace up a cold shoulder against these agents, would derail hope for the country’s baptism (especially at leadership level).

Perhaps, the country would forever lament about its rather self-inflicted predicaments, if it justifies the rule…’s defense for leadership corruption and or/ citizen’s indiscipline.

Tobi Tosin Olaboyede, socio-political commentator.
Twitter: @tobytosyn

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