Paedophile Commits Suicide On The Day He Was Due To Be Jailed

A paedophile committed suicide by throwing himself off a bridge on the day he was due to be sentenced, a court has heard.

Michael Fiek, 40, who was originally from Shoreditch, east London, was due to be sentenced at Leeds Crown Court – along with two other men.

But on the day of sentencing, Judge Tom Bayliss QC was told that Fiek had jumped to his death in London.

Fiek had been facing a lengthy jail sentence, after previously pleading guilty to 14 offences – including meeting a 15-year-old boy with another man and paying him for sex.

The men then took photos of the sexual activity before swapping them over the internet, Leeds Crown Court heard.

As the photos were exchanged, the men were said to have discussed their ‘strong sexual interest in young boys.’

Sentencing will proceed for the men accused alongside Fiek –  Andrew Lynes, 51, of Deighton Road, Huddersfield, and James Bould, previously of Swindon Road, Dewsbury.

The court previously heard how the men had described themselves as ‘committed paedophiles’.

Credit: Yahoo

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