Dasukigate: Ali Baba Says Locking ‘Corrupt’ Govt Officials For Over 48 Hours Is Justified

Veteran comedian Ali Baba has fired back at those criticizing the government for holding past government officials allegedly involved in Dasukigate for over 48 hours. He wrote:

: “All of you that are shouting “The constitution says You can not hold someone longer than 48 hours”,
what part of that same constitution said you can steal our national wealth, share it amongst party cronies and let our soldiers die in unserviceable aircrafts, send our brave soldiers to fight against sophisticated weapons, while the people you are quoting rule of law for were busy, buying private jets, living like lords, buying properties overseas and using the money meant to protect the country to prosecute an election. And to think that the mass sharing was from monies recovered from past looting!! So if they let everyone go, would that money had come back in the first place for you to share? Sometimes, one wonders whether some of us think things through before saying them.”

On another post,he wrote

 “Until something affects us directly in Nigeria, people think and believe it has nothing to do with them. Hashtag “e no consign me”. Think about it, now that these monies that were STOLEN BY SOME PDP bigwigs were not directly (and I mean that as, you do not have access to it, and can’t draw on it) it looks like it does not concern us

Okay, let me flip the script, if the money were your deposits and life savings in a bank, and the MD and his friends shared it. And Buhari is trying to get them to return all of it, which of the excuses that have been put up for why some of them got a slice of the loot, will make you say, “you can’t hold anyone for more than 48 hours” “It’s an affront on democracy” “Buhari is a dictator”. By now all the known houses of the directors of the bank will be up in flames. All their billboards will be history.

 No staff will want to be caught going to work in the bank’s official cars. By now the queue in front of the bank and the crowd at entrance of the court where the bank officials are being tried will be beyond control. Ordinary estate association, when money is budgeted for fixing security issues of the estate, fumigation and general cleaning of the common areas, woe betide the financial secretary, if after 2 months, nothing was done. And in that time, robberies took place, rats had unprotected sex, epidemic, overgrown bushes in the common area…

And in the next meeting you hear, “Chairman asked me to give Mr LABINJO 3m, Ms Sade had cash issues we gave her 2m, we dashed Mr & Mrs Osagie 1m for their wedding. Oh, my son needed a car, so We agreed to give him 4m, and it even a Tokunbo car o…” The committee will be impeached that day! But hey what is 2.5b dollars? Please let them go. Is that why we voted you in? Who is not corrupt? We are in a democracy ooo! Nonsense! What were we in when they shared money meant for waging war? And the soldiers were not being paid. So the soldiers bore it till they couldn’t any longer, so they protested. You sentenced them to life for mutiny. While PDP was sharing their monies and living large, they were dying to protect us. Come to think of it, what happened to the guy that chopped Pension Funds? HABA!”

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