PDP Needs To Change Its Name- Chieftain

Jackson Lekan Ojo is a chieftain of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP). In an interview, he bares his mind on the Kogi State governorship challenge.
When asked, “What is your impression about PDP’s zoning of its 2019 presidential ticket to the North?”, he said:
“Anything done on illegality is illegality on its own. If some people are saying that Prince Uche Secondus still maintaining that position is illegal, then any decision taken by him is illegal. At the same time, are these people not confused? For now, the PDP is not in order; they are divided into three. One of the camps has sympathy for former President Goodluck Jonathan, one has sympathy for Secondus and his cohorts, while the other I think is headed by some of the governors and the Minority Leader. To me, for the PDP to rule at the centre again, they must change name and I want to talk like a political prophet.”
I foresee very clearly today that the PDP at the end of the day will scatter. Some progressive elements will go out. The progressive elements will turn to another party. The APC too, so those people that are the progressive elements in the PDP and the APC will come together under the umbrella of another party before 2019.
But we are talking about the PDP today, what about the APC. While Bola Tinubu has some people who are sympathetic to him, Buhari is also forming and building his own structure. Whether you like it or not, Atiku Abubakar is a giant and he cannot stay under the leadership of any of these two persons. So, he will stand on his own. So, the APC also will soon scatter and some of them will go and form another party. I assure you that before 2019, a mega party will come up from the PDP and the APC that will be stronger. But as at today, I think the PDP is badly mutilated.”
Credit: DailyTrust

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