Man With ‘F–K Cops,’ Horns & Nazi Symbol Tattooed On Face Is Arrested For Robbery

Police officers who arrested this man found something worse than guilt was written all over his face. Paul Wayne Terry, 27, has a clumsy looking tattoo which reads “f*** cops” on his forehead.

And to make him look even less law abiding, the Oklahoma man added to his facial inkings- two large devil horns, Nazi SS lightning bolts below his eye and a lipsticked kiss on his cheek.

It is alleged he and 30-year-old girlfriend Sonja Marie Moro broke into the home of her ex-boyfriend and robbed him of his wallet at knifepoint. It is also claimed that Moro begged for more cash but the pair ran away when the victim said he was going to call the police.

They were arrested by US cops on Saturday and officers noted his “distinctive facial tattoos”.

Terry has previously been convicted of domestic assault and battery, malicious injury to property and interfering with an emergency telephone call.

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