Hours After Parliament Voted To Authorize Air Strikes, Britain Bombs ISIS Source Of Revenue

British fighter jets today started bombing ISIS-controlled oil fields in Syria in a bid to disrupt the revenues which the jihadist group depends on to wage terror around the world, hours after Parliament voted to authorise air strikes in the country.

Seven precision-guided 500lb Paveway bombs have been dropped on the east of the country in two separate raids by Tornado jets flying out from RAF Akrotiri, in Cyprus, with the first mission setting off just 57 minutes after MPs voted in favour of military action.

The jets are pictured on the runway setting out, main image, and returning with bombs missing, inset. The MoD said that the raids appeared to be ‘successful’. This morning eight more jets, six Typhoons and two Tornados, flew out from RAF Lossiemouth in Scotland to join the raids on Syria in response to a request from Britain’s allies.

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