Beyoncé Turns To A Walking Christmas Tree (SEE PHOTO)

You don’t need to be Beyonce to turn heads in this getup.

The Queen Bey was anything but incognito when she stepped out of her New York City office building in Midtown on Monday night dressed in a Christmas tree costume. The ensemble included a Santa hat, lights, crazy sunglasses, ornaments and a big bow on the back of the festive coat.

This was quite the office party! An insider told ET that Beyoncé was there from 2 p.m. until 11 p.m., and gifted each employee with Jay Z’s D’USSE VSOP cognac, which is priced at about $55 a bottle.

Beyonce was later joined at the soiree by her husband but he only showed  up for a moment. The 46-year-old rapper, who’s office is across the street from his wife’s work, opted not to dress up for the ugly Christmas sweater party, but instead arrived in his usual all-black outfit and camouflage jacket.

Blue Ivy and her nanny also made an appearance at the event.

Credit: ETonline

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