U.S Mathematics Institute Ignores Nigerian Professor’s Claim Of Solving 156 Year Old Mathematical Problem

 US-based Clay Mathematics Institute has refused to confirm the news of Nigerian mathematician, Opeyemi Enoch’s solution, instead saying “the current status of the problems and complete information about each” is available on the institute’s website.

The institute lists all seven Millennium problems and states whether or not they have been solved. Of the seven, only the Poincaré Conjecture, solved by Grigoriy Perelman in 2003, is listed as solved. All the other six problems, including the Riemann Hypothesis, remain listed as unsolved.

For his part, Enoch, who is said to be a lecturer at a university in a small town in the southwest of Nigeria, told the BBC in this audio interview that the motivation to solve the problem came from his students, who brought it to him with the hope of making $1 million “off the Internet.”

“Those my students trusted that the solution could come from me,” he said. He said he was motivated by their trust, “not because of the financial reward.”

Enoch has an academia.edu page where the “proof” of the solution to the Riemann Hypothesis has been uploaded—but that has also come in for criticism, as the proof is believed to have been plagiarized.

Credit: Qz

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