Muslim Man’s Rant Against ISIS Goes Viral: ‘These Impostors Pray In Our Mosques, Lets Hunt Them Down’

A Muslim electrician has found sudden online fame after his furious rant against ISIS jihadists who carried out the attacks in Paris went viral.
The video has been viewed more than four million times since it was posted on Facebook yesterday

In the video the 35-year-old electrical engineer, who calls himself Chronic 2 Bass, says it is up to Muslims to fight against ISIS terrorists and report potentially radicalised people as they share the same places of worship.He said:

“It’s up to us to hunt down these people down. It’s up to us to speak up about the
slightest hint of something fishy and to refer them to the authorities.

“It’s not snitching,”I’ve had enough of watching this b*****ks.””Let’s protect our beautiful religion. Let us rise up. Even though there is nothing to justify because the most intelligent people will know that Islam is not [violent].”It isn’t the authorities who will do the work, it’s not the spies, it’s us. All Muslims who go to the mosque.The solution can only come from us, because unfortunately these people go the same places of worship as us.

“Let’s go and hunt down these impostors who try to pass as Muslims and kill people.
“Enough is enough of these pseudo Muslims who dishonour two million Muslims.”

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