Muhammad Karamba: Who Uses A Ruler To Measure The Size Of His Land?

Recently, there have been protests and criticisms for lack of youth involvement in the APC led government. It has even become a big point of attack by the PDP. As a youth I wrote this piece neither to approve nor disprove that call. But I think (as usual) there is an issue of misplaced priorities here. It is ok for the PDP as the opposition party to use any point possible to criticize the “governing party”. But is it right for us the masses to fall for every one of them?

It is very unfortunate that we the masses fall for most of their propaganda. Amaechi during his screening said something about the elites not minding about regional or ethnic differences. He said, what matters to them is power sharing and capital gain. That is just it. They throw us a bone while they eat the meat. From Saraki’s rise to Senate Presidency to Amaechi’s nomination, you can’t help but pity us. These people are fighting their own internal selfish political war yet we are picking sides. They control the power and money. Should we allow them control our thinking? Should we allow them control the only precious thing we have left?

I am not saying there are no genuine reasons why people fall for these propaganda. But that is the world we live in today, politicians use legitimate reasons for their sinister objectives. When we voted for APC, we voted to fight out corruption, feel secured again, have employment, and have good health care, good education… Have these priorities changed? Yes we should worry when people that we think are corrupt are given roles to play in the government, but where was the criticism when these people devoted their wealth and time for this CHANGE?

Be it democratically, economically, infrastructurally, socially… We cannot all of a sudden decide to put on the shoes of the US. Because from the look of things, it is what we are trying to metamorphose into overnight. Their democracy has been there for decades, power is not their problem, they have continuity in their democracy. In America, it is not a privilege to drink bottled water, and its citizens have the best health care…  That is where we should start from. Charge our governments to provide Security, Power, Employment, good health, good infrastructure. That is what we voted them for and we still have our PVCs.

Coming back to the issue of us youths, every economy that has thrived or is thriving depended on or is depending on its youths. Youths are the power engine of every nation. They are the workforce that do the farming, mining, banking or what have you. If one critically looks at the Nigerian society, or perhaps any society with commonsense, it has never been the responsibility of youths to be in leadership position. I am not saying they are not capable of doing that, but there is always a social divide. You always expect someone of older age will have a better experience. Also, Nigeria is a nation where the elderly are always to be respected. Imagine a 35yr old minister whose permanent secretary is a 55yr old. You can imagine the degree of awkwardness in their meetings. What I mean here is that we can’t just take any notion from any country and expect it to blend. The society matters. This a luxury we can’t afford. There will be a time when this is a right call. But I sincerely doubt if it’s now.

One of my mentors would say “think globally and act locally”. Perhaps that is the principle that is lacking in Nigeria. We tend to think globally and act globally. You don’t call a mechanic to repair your car and then begin to choose for him the tools he has to use. If you think you have some knowledge, ask him for explanations for some of his actions. You employed him to repair your car. If he fails, fire him. That is what our PVCs are for. God bless Nigeria.

Muhammad Karamba

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