Man Kills, Dismembers And Burns Love Rival After He Discovers He Was Seeing One Of His Girl Friends

A man is accused of shooting, dismembering and then burning a love rival after he allegedly discovered he was seeing one of his girlfriends.
Richard Darling allegedly snapped when he found out about the man was sexually involved with his partner, police said.
Officers in Colorado have now revealed in gruesome detail how they believe Darling carried out the alleged murder. 
Shortly after 10.30pm on Halloween night in Aurora, police found a 55 gallon drum burning with human remains inside, local news station reported.
The body is believed to be that of Rey Pesina, a man Darling allegedly shot after several days of arguing over one of the suspect’s two girlfriends.
Witnesses told investigators Darling shot Pesina with a .22 calibre rifle, dismembered his body “severing the head from the torso”, and burning the remains in a barrel.
He is currently being held without bail at an Arapahoe County Colorado jail.
He is due to appear in a Colorado court again next year as the investigation into this and other alleged incidents in Vermont.

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