Kylie Jenner On ‘Ellen’: Reveals Why She Loves Caitlyn Even More Than Bruce

Caitlyn Jenner wins Kylie Jenner’s vote for best dad! She loved her dad when he was Bruce prior to his gender transition, but she can’t help admitting she loves Caitlyn even more! See what Kylie said about their relationship here!

Kylie Jenner, 18, has proved how close she is with Caitlyn Jenner, 66, on her social media, but she opened up about how their relationship has improved since her dad’s transition during a visit to The Ellen DeGeneres Show. In fact, Kylie went as far as revealing that Caitlyn is even more of an awesome parent than Bruce was! Why would she make such a big statement? She wasn’t afraid to elaborate!

“I like her better than Bruce,” Kylie confessed to Ellen DeGeneres. “Because we talk about makeup and clothes we bond a lot more, but not only that. I feel like there’s not a huge secret in the family. I feel like there was always this big secret.” She added, “Now I feel like we hang out a lot more there’s no secrets. She’s really living her authentic true self.”

When it came to her initial reaction to Caitlyn’s transition, Kylie admitted that she initially bottled in her feelings about the whole situation. After working through it with the help of her family, she couldn’t be happier with where things are now! Plus, she admitted that while Caitlyn’s transition wasn’t necessarily easy to process, it also wasn’t a complete shock to her or Kendall Jenner.

“I’ve honestly known about it for a really long time and we actually caught him then dressing up as a girl. When my sister and I were like 6 and 7 maybe. So we’ve known for a while that there was something, but it was never talked about,” she said. “Like I’d be with my girlfriends sometimes and he then would come in and be like, ‘What are you guys talking about?’ and kind of joke around and I knew there was something.”

Even though she and Caitlyn now get along better than ever, Kylie made sure to point out that Caitlyn’s personality really hasn’t changed all that much. “She’s the same exact person, she just looks different, I guess,” she told Ellen. Considering she loved her dad before his transition, it’s not surprising that Kylie likes Caitlyn more than Bruce now that there’s nothing left to hide. Kylie and Caitlyn have clearly found that they have a lot more in common than they probably ever thought they would — and we couldn’t be happier to hear that their relationship is better than ever!

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