Kylie Jenner Leaves Boyfriend Tyga Stranded Outside Halloween Party As She Drives Off In SUV

Kylie Jenner hosted her own Halloween party at Bootsy Bellows on Saturday night, but when she got to the club she refused to get out of her SUV.
Her boyfriend Tyga could be seen getting out of the vehicle dressed as a Samurai warrior. After getting a few feet from the vehicle, the paparazzi descended on him, he looked around for Kylie but he couldn’t find her, Kylie was gone, lol.

The vehicle drove off, leaving the confused looking rapper outside of the club with the pack of photographers.
Kylie – who was dressed as a very sexy Xena warrior princess – instead entered the club by the backdoor.
She was seen getting dropped off at the unofficial entrance just minutes later.
She took to her twitter account to complain about the paparazzi

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