How ISIS Punishes Residents For Drinking Beer, Talking To Women, Others Offenses

A lengthy article in The Daily Beast tells us that ISIS will enact severe punishments on its citizens/prisoners for committing any number of sins, including drinking beer or talking to single women. Essentially, it’s like living in a country run by a homicidal and sadistic version of Dean Wormer from Animal House.

Here’s a quick rundown of punishments we found in The Daily Beast’s report:

  • Getting caught drinking will get you 80 lashes in a public square
  • If you’re an unmarried man caught talking with an unmarried woman, you’ll spend three days inside a cage out in public
  • If you’re caught smoking, you’ll spend a day or two in the cage
  • Being suspected of working for foreign intelligence agencies is a really big no-no and will result in a beheading

Interestingly, even though ISIS punishes smokers, it also depends on cigarette smugglers for revenue, as it hits them with heavy fines if it catches them.

At any rate, the entire piece is a chilling but fascinating read.

Credit: BGR

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