Groom Commits Suicide Because Of Pressure To Buy ‘Betrothal Gifts’

A man from east China’s Anhui province killed himself two weeks before the date of his wedding, reportedly due to the immense pressure to buy “betrothal gifts” for the bride’s family, according to his parents.

Xiaolei got engaged to his sweetheart, Lanlan, last December and was soon asked by his fiancé’s family for 10,000 yuan and other gifts. The total value of the “bride-price” came to more than 30,000
A month later, however, the woman’s family asked for another 20,000 yuan and more gifts such as cigarettes and wine, which is thought to be the breaking point for Xiaolei. Sadly, he jumped from a construction site in Shanghai where he worked just two days after the family’s request.

Overwhelmed by their son’s death, Xiaolei’s parents have pointed the finger of blame at the family of the bride-to-be, Lanlan. They said Xiaolei complained to them once that the “endless” requests for gifts were “extortion” and unbearable.

On March 30, the parents sued Lanlan, demanding that they return all the cash and other gifts including jewelry worth more than 30,000 yuan and an iPhone. The court gave the verdict that all cash should be paid back but rejected the request of returning other goods

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